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Johnnie Kay Lipsius


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Major diarrhea. ]I guess it's better than the opposite problem. I ate really well yesterday and will continue to avoid nuts till this clears up. I'm up .2 above ldw. *After going for like a hour last night I was up at 4am going and then again this morning. *Lots of gurgling and noises. *Yesterdays menu:

Breakfast: *Sausage with scrambled eggs and cheese
Lunch: *Burger with cheese and porkrines*
Snack: *fresh pineapple and a peach, sugar free pudding, hunk of cheddar cheese
Dinner: *brisket, tossed salad with ranch, grilled squash*

Nothing that should be killing my stomach. *All the cheese should have the opposite effect. *I read that some doctors recommend getting sun daily. *Even avoiding a/c and ultraviolet light. * * *I definitely think it's good for you. *I spent all day yesterday outside and also did 20 minutes on the biggest loser xbox game.

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    Sorry you are dealing with this! I might suggest to drop the fruit, especially the pineapple until your tummy is better. Those fruits can do a number on your bowels if you are having trouble anyway. Also, are you taking a probitoic? You might consider one if you aren't.
  2. crazyfox's Avatar
    Could it be your sugar free pudding? If it is sweetened with sugar alcohol, that can cause digestive issues for some of us...
  3. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips guys. I'm thinking it's the fruit. I've been eating different fruit because I was so tired of apples and strawberries.