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2015 Johnny West Journal

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This morning I injected the last shot from the start of this round. With today's weigh in, I've lost a total of 15.0 pounds in the 25 days of injections. I had thought of mixing another round for an additional 15 days, but have decided to wait a few months and do one more round in late summer. Total weight loss first round (40 days) was 32 pounds,, second round (35 days) was 22 pounds. I gained 10 pounds during the holidays, and took it off with my regular low carb vegetarian diet before starting this last go around of HCG. I'm very happy with the program. I may do this once a year as part of a reboot for my body. Before this last round, I had reservations about ordering HCG from an overseas supplier. I had reservations about mixing the product myself. I has reservations about doing the program without weekly visits to a brick-and-mortal clinic. Now, that I've actually done it, I understand it all comes down to fear of the unknown. I hope this journal of my experience will prove useful to someone else. As this concludes the experiment, I want to wish any who follow the best of luck. /SIZE]

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