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hello newbie here need some senior advice pleeeassseeee

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HELP! Anyone in the first week on injections and 500 calorie diet, first round I guess, not sure what all the anacronyms mean...lol jojo

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  1. pharmrepny's Avatar
    HCG Diet Guidelines
    Hcg must be refrigerated, even while traveling.
    Use a good, natural multivitamin daily.
    If you get odd muscle pains, use Mrs. Dash potassium salt, instead of regular table salt.
    Do Not take omega 3 fish oils, flaxseed oil, vitamin E in oil or any other oils, because these compete with your fat stores for the hcg.
    Day one of the diet starts with your first dose of 12.5 units of hcg. From that point until the end of day two, eat as mush as you want, but especially eat items with a high fat content. This is important because working in the hypothalamus, so you must supply fat for it to work on. Also if you do not do the fat loading, you will be hungry the whole time you diet.
    DAY THREE*, start the hcg very low calorie diet plan (VLCD).
    When you reach your goal weight, follow instruction in the section entitled “How to end the diet”.
    Breakfast: Any non calorie fluids in any amount. (See fluid options below)
    Protein Foods: 3.5 ounces twice daily (Lunch and Dinner)
    Example: About the size of a deck of cards.
    Choose only lean meats particularly:
    Veal or Steak.
    Fresh White Fish ( Halibut, Swordfish, Bass, Flounder, Pike, Brooke trout, Jew fish, John dory, Snapper, Tilapia, Crab meat, Lobster, Shrimp, Veal).
    Chicken - no skin breast only.
    All visible fat must be removed before cooking and the portion should be weighted raw. It must be cooked without any additional fat.
    Salmon, eel tuna fish, herring, dried, pickled, or smoked fish are not allowed as they are high in omega3.
    Fresh Veggies: 3.5 ounces selected vegetables twice daily (Lunch and Dinner)
    Spinach, Chard, Chicory, Beet greens, Green Salad, Tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini. DO NOT MIX VEGGIES. Only one vegetable choice per meal.
    No Pumpkin, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, peas or corn.

    Fruit: Two portions per day, at least 6 hours apart.
    Apple, strawberries (6 Large), orange, and half grapefruit.
    Fluids: a minimum of 2 liters of water should be consumed a day.
    Tea and or coffee in any quantity , soda water, mineral water, diet soft drink (up to 2 cans a day)
    Little Extras’
    One tablespoon of fat free milk daily only.
    Use artificial sweeteners. NO SUGAR NO SALT
    YES to pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, and other spices are freely available as seasonings.
    NO margarine, butter, oil or dressing.
    Just of one lemon daily is ok

    Once you have reached your goal weight, stop taking the hcg, but continue the VLCD for 3 more days. At the end of the 3 days, you can eat anything except sugars and starches, as long as you weigh yourself each morning after emptying your bladder, and before eating or drinking anything.

    ***It takes about 3 weeks before the weight reached by the end of the diet becomes stable.
    During this 3 week period, the intake of carbohydrates must be carefully limited. To prevent weight gain during this 3 week period maintaining a low carb diet like Atkins or South beach.

    If your weight goes up by 2 pounds or more, that day you must skip breakfast and lunch, but drink at least 2 liters of fluids. That evening eat as large a steak as you can, along with an apple or a raw tomato. It is of utmost importance that this done on the day of the weight. Do not postpone this to the following day.
    Most patients do not need to skip meals. Most patients are surprised at how small their appetite has become, and yet how much they can eat without gaining weight. They no longer suffer from an abnormal appetite, and feel satisfied with much less food than before.

    *Losing more weight
    You should never gain more than 2 pounds without immediately correcting this and you should never lose more than 2 pounds either because the loss will be at the expense of normal fat. Any normal fat that is lost is invariably regained as soon as more food is taken, and it usually results in greater than 2 pounds gain.

    *Beware of over enthusiasm
    After treatment has ended, a problem can be encountered with patients who are skeptical that they can resume eating normally. I if you continue, more or less, on the 500 calorie diet, adding only a few thing to the diet, you will gain weight. Follow the rules listed above and this will not happen.

    Dr. Simeons had to 60% to 70% of his cases who experienced little or no difficulty in holding their weight permanently. When relapses did occur it was usually due to the negligence in the basic rule of daily weighting. Many patients think that this is unnecessary and that they can judge an increase from the fit of their clothes. Some do not carry a scale with them while traveling as it is cumbersome and takes a big bite out their luggage allowance when flying. This is a disastrous mistake, because after a course of HCG as much as ten pounds can be regained with any noticeable change in the fit of their clothes.
    The reason for this that after treatment newly acquired fat is first evenly distributed and does not show the former preference for certain body parts.
    Pregnancy or the menopause may annul the effect of a previous treatment. Women who take treatment during one year after the last menstruation - that is at the onset of menopause do just well as others, but among them the relapse rate is higher until the menopause is fully established. The period of one year after the last menstruation applies only to women who are not being treated with ovarian hormones. If these are taken, the pre menopausal period may be indefinitely prolonged.

    If you experience weight gain, coming back for a second course of hcg is completely acceptable. Repeat courses are often even more satisfactory than the first treatment and have the advantage that you already know that you will feel comfortable throughout treatment.

    P1: Colon Cleanse ( Your Choice of kind and length)
    P2: VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)
    Day 1: Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, Take a HCG shot and eat like a pig all the high fats that you can eat.. try to get 3000 cal. in high fat foods.
    Day 2: Same as above

    Day 3 - 40 Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, Take a hcg shot and Eat the 500 cal day diet of the approved foods
    Day 41 -43 Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, Eat 500 to 800 cal day diet of the approved foods
    Day 44 is now P3 No Sugar No starch and you do this for 21 days Get up, Pee, weigh and write it down, Eat anything except NO sugar and starch. Work in exercise if desired.

    After 21 days you go to P4. P4 is where you SLOWLY add healthy sugars and starches back into your diet and you do this for 21 day or for life if you don’t want to ge back to do another round of P2.
  2. Perseverance's Avatar
    R1 is your first round. with each round you do the number changes R2 ect... P stands for the phase you are in. P2 is when you are on the VLCD (very low calorie diet). LIW is the amount you weigh on your last day of injections. P3 is when you are stabalizing doing no sugars and starches for three weeks and P4 is when you start introducing some sugar and starch. are there other acronyms you are not understanding?
  3. Perseverance's Avatar
    One more...TOM is when a woman is having her period.
  4. jojodowntogo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Perseverance
    One more...TOM is when a woman is having her period.
    THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR ALL THE INFO. Are you suppose to stop injections when you are TOM?