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2015 will be the year for me

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The last two years have been a time of amazing memories as well as loss. I met the love of my life through my aunt, she always had a way of looking out for me. That same year we discovered my aunt had an aggressive form of endometrial cancer that took her life within a month of diagnosis. During that time I fed my emotions with anything that I could eat or found comfort in. Mac and cheese, pizza, sushi, Chinese food, or a simple home cooked meal. (I LOVE FOOD) I have to say I'm definitely an emotional eater and during any hardship or celebration I found myself eating, or rewarding myself with food. I have to say it was hard losing her but I was thankful for the gift she gave me, a wonderful husband and supportive best friend.

I met Matthew the January before my aunt passed away. The first year was a roller coaster but we finally knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. God gave me so much grace and understanding that I never had before with other partners. Matthew had this incredible desire and strength when I was at my weakest. So on November 15th, 2014 we got married with the support of our family and friends by our side.

I dislike the fact I was 250lbs on my wedding day, although all I remember was being incredibly happy and blessed. Now we are in the process of trying to start a family and I've become more than discouraged. Ever since I came off my birth control I've not ovulated once. I know I'm going to have to lose weight while having PCOS to even have a period. This diet has been the only diet besides the diabetic low calorie diet that has worked for me. I not only want to do this but need to do this.

1st Round Goal: Be under 220lbs
Overall Goal: 145lbs

I would love to complete two rounds before my birthday but that all depends on how well I stabilize in P3. Although I can't even think about that right now It's literally one day at a time. I just want to get through this first week with between a 7 to 10lbs loss.

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  1. GingerGypsy's Avatar
    Jonesy - OMG so much of your journey resonates with me. First, I am so sorry for the loss of your aunt. Blessings be with you.

    But, you are doing the right thing RIGHT NOW. I was like you, married my best friend (10 years ago), and the only thing I was unhappy about that day was that I was 254 pounds. I still can't look at the pictures without feeling sad, though I would be ecstatic to be at that weight right now.

    We too tried to get preggers right away, and I had the same problem - years of BC pills and other female problems lead to PCOS, and I unfortunately didn't take it seriously, just figured I would eventually get pregnant. Didn't happen, because I didn't take control of my own health and weight til now. And now it's just too late for me. I have a daughter from a previous relationship who is now in college - so I am honestly past the point where I'd want to start over....

    But what I'm trying to say is don't make the same mistakes I made. You're right on the right track to get where you want to go.....