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Measurements and weight check...

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Ok on VLCD13 so I decided to do some measurements and post them on here since I only have them on a sticky...which I will lose.
Weight: 1 May - 145lbs / 12 May - 132lbs
BMI: 24.7 / 22.6
Chest: 36.5" / 34"
Waist: 32" / 27.5" *crap!*
Hips: 41" / 37"
Thighs: 39" / 37.5"
Total loss: 13lbs / -2.1BMI / 11.5"

Those measurements were taking yesterday at the clinic - Went to get an HCG refill and get my mom started *YAY*! Cant wait until she loses alot and gets all happy and stuff - lol. Today I weighed in at 130.2 so fingers crossed for tomorrow breaking down the door to the 120's.

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  1. Jake_NC's Avatar
    You are a pounds-and-inches-losing machine! Keep trucking along! You are going to be busting up the 120's in no time!
  2. jennasaisquoi's Avatar
    Wooohoooo! That is awesome. I am so impressed: here's to the 120's!
  3. JoNichelle's Avatar
    Thanks guys - but it didn't happen today :P Guess I am entering the dreaded 2-3 week stall...lol same weight today - pooh.
  4. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    You are doing so well! So proud of you!