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Pool Night on HCG...

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So last night a friend and I went out to play pool. He happens to be on the HCG diet to so there was no issue with having the pressure to drink. Did I ever mention how much I enjoy beer - well let it be mentioned.

It started out ok, sure we were not drinking, but I bought me a pair of new shorts - size 6!! - and looked all cute. Since I haven't been going out with friends lately (per the no drinking act of 2011) I hadn't had much of a chance to go out and show off the new hotter bod. Some things I realized about sober pool:

1. I am waaaay better drunk. Not just in my mind either, maybe its because you don't think so hard, you just shoot.
2. Everyone else is drinking. And I mean everyone, and laughing, and looking like a damn budlight commercial.
3. Even the beer nuts look tasty. And we all know they are nasty stale things.
4. Drinking makes missing a shot or bad playing way more funny. Really, I was getting mad, mad over a silly game. Realized after a couple of games I was not enjoying myself.
5. When your drinking you don't notice the other drinkers getting in your way. Seriously, I was ready to punch some guys out for not moving so I could take a shot, they were so busy living it up.
6. Like a starving person can smell food at like 10 miles, so it is for a sober person and beer. It was almost to much I could literally smell fresh bottles being opened behind the bar...*drool*

Overview: Pros - I looked good, got out of the house, got a little excersise, Enjoyed myself for the first couple of games. Cons - No beer!, heightened annoyance level, got really bored and frustrated at myself and others there after the first 4 games.
So, overall I had an alright time.
If I was some pro I think it wouldn't matter to me whether I drank or not, but alas I am not. Like other sports - golf, fishing, bowling - I have found pool to be really fun only when I have had a few.

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Updated May 22nd, 2011 at 07:44 PM by JoNichelle



  1. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Well, you did look awesome in those shorts! I'm so jealous!