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Que the Queen music please...

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We are the champions my friend..dadadadadada...and we'll keep on fighting till the end.....

After a nasty four day stall I woke up with a 2 pound loss this morning. You wanna talk about happy dance? I did a Happy all out booty, bring it on, drop it like it's hot dance. For reals yo! LOL
Don't know if it was the ginger detox bath, the special "tea", or just plain sticking to the diet and seeing it through - and frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn. Finally making headway into the 20's with exactly 20 more days to go on phase 2. Can I lose the last 7.5 lbs - Oh I think I can.

I will be posting the bikini pics tomorrow - would have been today but a little yard work was needed (if you know what I mean) and since this is the first bikini I have bought in 6 years, I forgot how little the bottoms can be. I want to see appriciation in those faces, not nausea..lol

Well halfway there, 20 more days. Think its time for a funny post on the HCG Religion..

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  1. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    People... she wore her bikini all through lunch! That's how thrilled she is to be able to look good in one. Congrats Princess!
  2. julief's Avatar
    Grats on Bikini Weight That's amazing.
  3. pinkprincess's Avatar
    Woooo HOoooo! Nothing feels as good as a 2 lb drop!!! Go on with it girl!
  4. JoNichelle's Avatar
    Thanks guys!