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The Journey

Welcome to my Journey

Welcome to my journey! This is my official journey to a healthier me. I have struggled with weight so much of my life and it's time for the struggle to come to it's end. This path, this road less taken that I will finally take wull be the final victory to me conquering my weight forever. No longer will I allow myself to be defeated, feeling like im not good enough nor that I cna lose the weight and finally, demolish the emotion that drives me to feel like I'll be stuck here forever. Finding HCG, the road less taken, I feel will finally be the answer to my prayers. I know this journey will not be easy, I know there will be bumps in the road, however, I hope that you all can stick with me, enourage myself and others in need and enjoy this amazing journey im about to begin! read down below at the many blogs that outline every step of the way to not only help myself and others but to look back on these moments in triumph and victory, to finally say, "I did it'"

Weight and progress will be stored here officially.


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