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  1. Round 1 was GREAT!

    I have had a busy life these past few months so no blog entries. This has been an incredible experience considering I had no idea what I was doing at the first. I would have blogged more and replied more to threads if I hadn't been on my iPad most of the time at night. My husband has to go to sleep early and I use my iPad to read and listen to music while he sleeps beside me.

    I was hungry at first. I started last round at 125IU but I was way low on my dose. I think I went 2 ...
  2. On My Way!

    Days 1 & 2 LOADING DAYS
    Before loading weight: 181.2
    Day 1-181.2
    Day 2-183.2 (+2)

    I just completed my last day of loading. Like folks have said before, I was really looking forward to the loading days and dreading them, too. I have a problem gallbladder so I hope I can make it through the first few days of this round. I made it through my first round over a year ago with no problem. I happily dropped about 20 pounds and completed P3 before starting my