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On My Way!

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Before loading weight: 181.2
Day 1-181.2
Day 2-183.2 (+2)

I just completed my last day of loading. Like folks have said before, I was really looking forward to the loading days and dreading them, too. I have a problem gallbladder so I hope I can make it through the first few days of this round. I made it through my first round over a year ago with no problem. I happily dropped about 20 pounds and completed P3 before starting my 2nd round. Then one of the worst gallbladder attacks I've ever had hit me during my 2nd loading day. I stopped immediately.

Now, I am beginning again. If I have to have my gallbladder taken out mid-round I will, but I am determined to stick this out no matter what. I weighed the most I've EVER WEIGHED IN MY LIFE this morning. I feel so bad and have no energy at all. Anything has to be better than living an unhealthy lifestyle using food as a drug. I am so glad I found this forum and the support!

I mixed my own sublingual and purchased the drops during last year's attempts. This time I am doing SubQ and I am very proud of myself for learning to give myself the injections yesterday! I have had a fear of needles all my life : P. I guess it just goes to prove how serious I am this time. I am on the 43-day protocol taking 20cc of Zygog.

So...two days down and 41 more to go! I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers go down on the scale!

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  1. Julibug44's Avatar
    Yes...JoNichelle. I already miss the load days! They are behind me now : D and thanks for telling my stomach to shut up. It better! Ha!