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Julie's blog

My growth and HCg journey.

  1. Life is good

    I finally started back in college, and I am really enjoying it. I find I get very nervous, and frantic as soon as I see my assignment, but then I let it soak in and I do fine. Phase 4 is going well. I did jump back on p2 for a week, and decided it wasn't the right time for me. I am 4 pounds over LIW most mornings. Which isn't Ideal, but I am not worried about it. This is the first time in my life where I have not worried about my weight. I know I can control it, and 122 makes me happy. I would rather ...
  2. saving mixing instructions for myself.

    Here is a post I am copying from happyAmy and edited a bit per how Grammy likes it telling how to mix RX Hcg.

    Ok - this is a lot, but if I highly recommend copying this and pasting it into a Word document so you can refer to it whenever you need it and not have to remember where in the forums you found it.

    Powder Mixing Instructions:
    1. Gather materials
    Vial of HCG powder
    Vial of Bacteriostatic Water
    Mixing vial
    Mixing syringe
  3. P2 dissapointed with myself

    I had to start P2 again, because I drank a few times. One time with Tequilla sunrises that time I gained 5 pounds.

    My weight was super steady. I could finally eat anything but sugar in moderation, and not gain more than a pound. And I had figured out that if I ate less than 25 carbs in a day I would lose that pound. So it was finally going smooth after dealing with the diet for 150 days in one phase or another.
    Then I gained 12 pounds from original LIW and 9 from adjusted ...