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Life is good

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I finally started back in college, and I am really enjoying it. I find I get very nervous, and frantic as soon as I see my assignment, but then I let it soak in and I do fine. Phase 4 is going well. I did jump back on p2 for a week, and decided it wasn't the right time for me. I am 4 pounds over LIW most mornings. Which isn't Ideal, but I am not worried about it. This is the first time in my life where I have not worried about my weight. I know I can control it, and 122 makes me happy. I would rather be 115, but I am not going to make myself upset with myself over it. Which is a big step for me. I always strive for perfection, and anything less makes me dislike myself.

How I control my weight is if I eat more carbs one day I eat less the next. The only reason I seem to gain on P4 is carbs it is also how I lose it. If i eat below 30 carbs I lose, but I have to eat closer to 20 to lose a full pound. If I eat close to 50 carbs I gain. Sugar also makes me gain. i have not really tried honey or Agave, but I am fine on Xylitol, and Stevia, and Splenda. I eat one bite of Ice cream with sugar, and I will gain 1 pound the next day. I find I can eat 4-5 bites and only gain one pound anything over that I gain more weight. So I watch my carbs, and sugar and I can pretty much eat anything. There are 2-3 days a week that I gain a pound from eating out or something, but I lose it again the next day when I eat Low carb.

I am 7 pounds over where I was when i was my absolute smallest in my grown up life, and it was at the end of my round 2, but 115 is not easy to hold without driving myself crazy. My body likes this weight. I had breast Augmentation, and 8 pounds of my weight is breasts, so I have to remember that when i am deciding if I feel too heavy.

Today I am eating Low carb, because yesterday I had 6 onion rings at Applebees. They were good.

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