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saving mixing instructions for myself.

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Here is a post I am copying from happyAmy and edited a bit per how Grammy likes it telling how to mix RX Hcg.

Ok - this is a lot, but if I highly recommend copying this and pasting it into a Word document so you can refer to it whenever you need it and not have to remember where in the forums you found it.

Powder Mixing Instructions:
1. Gather materials
• Vial of HCG powder
• Vial of Bacteriostatic Water
• Mixing vial
• Mixing syringe
• Alcohol wipes
2. Take the lid off the vial of HCG powder and the Bacteriostatic water
3. Wipe the top of the vials with an alcohol wipe
4. Open the mixing syringe.
5. To equalize the pressure in the bacteriostatic water vial, draw up an amount of air into the syringe that matches the suggested amount of bacteriostatic water based on the table below first.
6. Insert the this air into the bacteriostatic water, then draw up the same suggested amount of bacteriostatic water from the table below:

Amount of HCG in Vial; Amount of bac water to draw for mixing vial; Amount of bac water for HCG vial
2000iu; 7 cc/ml; 1 cc/ml (8 cc/ml bac water total)
5000iu; 19 cc/ml; 1 cc/ml (20 cc/ml bac water total)
10,000iu; 39 cc/ml; 1 cc/ml (40 cc/ml bac water total)

7. Inject the bacteriostatic water into the mixing vial (not into the HCG vial)
8. Draw 1cc of bacteriostatic water out of the bacteriostatic water vial
9. Slowly inject the 1cc of bacteriostatic water into the vial of HCG powder
10. Remove the syringe from the HCG powder vial
11. Gently roll the vial of HCG between your hands to mix. DO NOT SHAKE.
12. Draw all the liquid from the HCG vial
13. Slowly inject the HCG into the mixing vial
14. Remove the syringe from the mixing vial
15. Gently roll the mixing vial between your hands to mix. DO NOT SHAKE.
16. Wrap the mixing vial in aluminum foil to keep light away from the HCG and store it in the refrigerator.

Injection Dosage:
Regardless of what size of HCG vial you started with (2000, 5000, or 10000) the table below shows how much should be injected for the dose you select. Note: The reason the original size vial does not matter is because we have diluted the HCG in the same ratio with the bac water.

HCG Dose Injection Amount
125iu = .50 or 50 on an insulin syringe
150iu = .60 or 60 on an insulin syringe
175iu = .70 or 70 on an insulin syringe
200iu = .80 or 80 on an insulin syringe

Mixing Formula:
If you would like to adjust the amount of liquid (not the dose, but the actual amount of liquid) you inject daily, use the formula below to calculate the new totals.

Number of IUs in HCG vial divided by Total solution amount = IUs per ml

Dose of HCG divided by the IUs per ml = how much to put in the syringe


Sue has a 5000iu bottle of HCG. Sue wants a total solution amount of 20ml, so she mixes 1cc of bac water into the HCG, then mixes that 1cc of HCG with an additional 19cc’s of bac water. This gives her a total of 20ml Total Solution Amount.
1cc of HCG plus 19cc of bac water = 20 cc of total solution
Sue then needs to start calculating how much to inject every day.

Number of IUs in HCG vial divided by Total solution amount = IUs per ml
5000iu divided by 20ml of Total solution amount = 250 IUs per ml
Sue wants to inject a dose of 150ius per day.

Dose of HCG divided by the IUs per ml = how much to put in the syringe
150iu desired dose divided by 250ius per ml = .60ml or 60 on the insulin syringe
Sue would fill her insulin syringe up to the 60 mark to receive 150iu’s of HCG per day.

If Sue wants a dose of 175iu’s of HCG she would do this calculation:
175iu dose divided by 250iu’s per ml = .70 or 70 on the insulin syringe.
Injection Information
• Syringes should only be used once.
• Put used syringes in a hard container (glass jar or metal can) so that the needles cannot stick through.
• Close the container tightly with a screw-on cap.
• Keep the container out of reach of children and pets.

Where can I inject the HCG?
HCG is injected into the fat layer just under the skin. There may be different absorption rates depending on where you inject the HCG, but this has not been proven one way or another.
• The abdomen
• Outer upper arms
• Front and sides of both thighs
• Buttocks
• Hip areas
• Do not inject HCG near bony places or joints.
How do I draw up the HCG into a syringe?
• Gather your supplies (HCG, syringe, alcohol pads).
• Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry your hands completely.
• For both new bottles and bottles used before, clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol pad.
• Remove the cap from the needle.
• Pull back the plunger on the syringe to draw in enough air to equal your HCG dose.
• Push the needle into the bottle top and inject the air into the bottle. When you inject air into the vial, this increases the air pressure inside the vial. This makes the right amount of HCG easier to draw out of the vial through the needle.
• With the needle in the bottle, turn the bottle and syringe upside down. Pull the plunger to fill the syringe past your dose of HCG.
• Push slowly on the plunger to the line of your correct dose of HCG.
• Check for air bubbles. If you see any bubbles, tap the syringe with your finger to make them rise to the top. Then pull the plunger past your dose again and slowly push in the plunger until all bubbles are gone. Repeat this if needed to get rid of air bubbles. Tiny air bubbles are not dangerous, but they will decrease the amount of HCG in the syringe.
• Remove the needle from the bottle and carefully lay the syringe down so that the needle does not touch anything.

How do I inject the HCG?
• Choose your injection site.
• Make sure the area is clean. You may clean the area with alcohol or soap and water. If alcohol is used, let it dry on the skin before injecting. This will help prevent a stinging feeling, and will help kill germs on the skin. Use 70 percent alcohol if possible, because it is a better germ killer than 90 percent alcohol.
• Pinch the skin and fat tissue between your thumb and first finger.
• Touch the needle to the skin, holding the syringe at a 90 degree angle. Push the needle all the way into the skin. If the needle is not in far enough, the HCG may not be injected into the fatty layer.
• Let go of the pinched tissue before injecting the HCG or you will be squeezing the HCG out at the same time you are trying to inject it.
• Press the plunger using a slow and steady push.
• Count slowly to five before removing the needle. This will help prevent HCG from leaking out of the injection site.
• Pull out the needle and place a finger or alcohol pad over the site. Hold for a few seconds and then rub the site gently to close the needle track. Sometimes there is a small amount of bleeding after the injection. This does not cause a problem except for the possible loss of HCG with the blood.
• Throw away used needles and syringes safely in a hard container that the needles cannot stick through.

Ideas to help decrease pain when injecting HCG:
• Inject HCG at room temperature.
• Remove all air bubbles from the syringe before the injection.
• If skin was cleaned with alcohol, wait until it has dried before injecting.
• Avoid changing the direction of the needle during insertion or removal.
• Do not reuse disposable needles.

I hope all this helps you as you start your weight loss journey!

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