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  1. OH NO! Sore throat! help!

    Well i did have a 2lb loss this morning (very excited), but also had a terrible sore throat feeling starting in the middle of the night last night. I do not get sick much at all! It kinda kept me awake as I didn't want take anything that might affect my progress. What can i take in the way of cough drops to just get through that part of it? Are there any that don't have sugar, or are natural?

    I start a new job today and have to be on the phones and my voice sounds silly with my ...
  2. NEWBIE here! :)

    Hey there everyone! I'm super new to this whole process and would love as much insight as possible! I want to succeed! There are many abbreviations that I"m not certain about. Can someone please share these with me! Thanks!

    I have so many questions but just don't know where to start. I will have to sit and make a list and add them to another post. Also, i apologize in advance for not capitalizing words, i can be a lazy typer at times, sorry!

    SO.......on my two ...