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  1. Phase 4, day 1 - do as I should - not as I do!

    I knew Saturday was going to be an interesting day. The day started off great - my weight was 131.6 (ldw of 130.0 but stabilized at 132.0) so I was lower than where I stabilized! Guess the four vodka/soda drinks did not make me gain!!
    Had less than normal sleep last night - went to bed late and got up at normal time.
    Didn't have breakfast - as we were having a big pot luck brunch at the campground. Brunch was around 9:30 am and I did pretty good. I had a normal size piece of ...
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  2. my final day of p3!

    My final day of p3 was good! Mainly a HPD for all meals until dinner. Breakfast was my normal eggs, flax muffin. Snack was a couple oz of cheese. Lunch was a burger, lettuce salad, Bolthouse Ranch yogurt dressing. PM snack was some fage with strawberries. Then for dinner I knew we were going out to eat bar food. My dinner was a grilled chicken breast (sans bun) with a lettuce salad and some regular ranch dressing. Dessert...well that ended up to be four, yes four drinks of vodka on the rocks ...