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Homeopathic HCG Lounge - July 2011

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Good morning everyone! I just haven;t been able to catch up with all of these posts so far in July! Keep trying to read but it has been a busy week. No news on the job interview yet but I have learned that they typically don't get back to you as quick as they said they would. she said she was going to make her decision next week or possibly as early as end of this week so I'm not sweating it. Finally got a good nights sleep last night - haven't had one of those for about a week.
Anyway - here I am on day 14 of p4. My adjusted ldw as 132.0. I've been between 132 and 136 with a couple steak days in there. This morning I was at 135.1 so had planned on a steak day today. I just ate a cheese stick as I was about ready to eat my arm off. Tummy was just a growling away. I'll try to hold off and not have anything else until my steak/apple for dinner. Life has been pretty hectic which has also caused my plan to ease into p4 to go askew. Some of the p4 foods I have had are peanuts, ezekiel bread, regular salad dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoe fries, potato chips (just a couple), chocolate, pasta salad, broccoli salad, mayo, Arby's (sans the bun), hard cider, beer, and the list goes on. I was a bit stressed after my interview earlier this week - and had 4 (yes four) handfuls of M&M's that night - and the scale budged up .4.
Not bad considering....anyway plan is to finish my steak day, have a HPD sticking with mainly p3 foods for tomorrow. The good news is that when I'm up - the steak days, HPD's and alternating higher and lower calorie days seem to get me back where I should be!

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