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Homeopathic HCG Lounge - July 2011

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and my menu for today - apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, green grapes, repeat. Never done a fruit day before. Hopefully I don't get hungry. Brought a whole cooler of fruit with me to work. Really hoping this works.

Woke up this morning to tornado sirens. Mainly 80 mph wind damage but no official tornado. No damage at our house!

The scale said 137.0 this morning - that's 5.0 above adjusted ldw. TOM is looming but not officially here yet. That explains the chocolate cravings I've been having (and submitting to) and hopefully some of the weight gain too.
I need to start calorie counting again to see where I'm at. Going to be difficult as I have a golf outing on Tues with a catered lunch, and ball game Thurs pm with all the free food/drink I want.

I'll see how the next couple of weeks go. If I'm back down in the lower 130's, I'll probably continue on in p4. If I'm not back down I will probably do a "clean up" round in August and aim for the mid 120's.

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