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Phase 4 Day 2 results

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This morning my weight was 133.9 so up .1 and .1 below my 2 lb window. Gonna do a fage day today to try to get back down. Feeling bloated and my hips feel bigger - based on how my shorts went on this morning!

My menu on p4d2 (yesterday) - brunch was some scrambled eggs with cheese, some fruit, 3 pieces of sausage links and 1 small blueberry pancake with butter and lite syrup. Mid afternoon snack was a flax muffin and 2 oz of cheese. Dinner was 1/3 lb hamburger, salad - lettuce tomato cucumber hard boiled egg combo, botlhouse farms ranch dressing. I also did have 2 handfuls of dark chocolate chips. So there was still some flour, sugar and chocolate in my menu! Guess I should be glad it's only up .1 but would like to get back down a bit lower again.

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