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Plan for p4d1

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AFM - going camping this weekend with several couples. Sat can be my first official day of p4. Will be having a crazy mixed up eating schedule so I'm going to do the best I can! The plans are a big brunch mid morning (both Sat and Sun), then nothing until dinner which will be a potluck with everyone bringing their own meat to grill out. Of course they are all bringing standard picnic food. My contribution is eggs, bacon for the breakfasts, and a big lettuce/mixed greens salad for dinner.

So here is my plan - I will have my normal mid morning snack (maybe a hard boiled egg or some cheese) as my breaksfast; mid morning snack will turn into breakfast. Plan on having eggs, maybe a piece or two of bacon and some fruit. my mid afternoon snack will be normal which is protein of some type or a protein shake. dinner will be steak, lettuce salad, and I'm hoping to stay away from most of the rest. Don't think it's a good option for me to have homemade potato salad, baked beans, snicker apple salad or homemade cinnamon caramel sticky buns on my first day in p4! As of now, my first official p4 treat is probably going to be a smore cooked over the campfire.
There might be a quite a bit of alcohol consumption - but I've had a few vodka/diet soda on the rocks drinks in p3 with no consequences so that will be my weekend beverage treat!

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