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Day 2 of LR/P3

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I'm down 1.4 after my first day of LR which is great! Wasn't sure if I would gain on it right away. I'm not going to worry about stabilizing - hopefully I'll lose more - because I plan to eat paleo/primal from here on out and think I'll get to my optimal, healthy weight that way. That's just my decision for my situation. I know I'm on an hcg blog, but also know people are starting to get curious about the leptin reset. I honestly feel like deciding to do this last round of hcg purposely led me to leptin reset and better health, and I just want people to at least know about it. I've been reading, reading, reading on Dr. Kruse's website, Mark's Daily Apple, books: Why We Get Fat, The Primal Bluepring. So much fascinating information!!
Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers! Have a great day!

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    It seems like it is a good plan. Keep us posted on how you do.