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Down .8 this morning which is great! I haven't been eating all that much because the food just hasn't been appealing to me the last few days. If I make some of the recipes that spice it up I seem to gain, so I keep it pretty basic. I'm looking forward to P3/LR, at the same time fearful I'm going to gain during it. I'm pretty sure I need the leptin reset pretty badly, so I'm going to take a leap of faith. My system is very acidic right now (measured by first morning urine), so I'd like to find out if LR will help that or if I can be doing something else to bring it to a more alkaline state. Have a good weekend everybody!

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  1. Brokenhearted's Avatar
    How can you tell if it's acidic? : o
  2. justjoan060's Avatar
    I worked with a DC for a while. His theory is that too much meat makes your system too acidic which can be dangerous. He would have you get some pH strips, hold one in your first morning urine and check it with the color gauge that comes with it.