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20 Lbs in 25 days!!

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This recent week has been hard. I stalled for the first time for 6 days. With any other diet it use to frustrate me and I would give up right then and there, but I held through and yesterday the stall broke with a two pound loss each day since. I've never been so excited to tell my bathroom scale to suck it before in my life.

I have passed two Temption Hell moments, as I like to call them. The first was my second week on the VLCD, me and my siblings went out eat. I was sitting in a booth for two and a half hours with a basket FULL of fresh rolls that you could see the shine of the butter glazing the top and feel their fresh out of the oven warmth. I didn't even touch the food and I felt fantastic about it.

The second was yesterday. My roommates (freshly back from a five day trip to Florida) didn't want to cook or leave so they ordered pizza with breadstick and buffalo wings. One of my ultimate weaknesses. Thankfully they ate at the table in our kitchen instead of eating in our living room in front of me. Our entire house was filled with the smell of melted cheese and peperoni... Not even a single bite!

I never really feel hungry so much as I have food cravings. Sometimes they are small, and sometimes I want to hold up a mexican restuarant and go crazy. Thankfully things have not gotten that far yet.

When I got onto my scale this morning and realized that I had finally reached my first major goal only five day after my half way point I began to tear up. I realized this morning that not only can I truly do this, but I CAN get myself to my goal weight of 165lbs, which I have not weighed since I was 12 years old. Knowing that I have finally found something that I can do, and is hard yet so easy, has made the past 25days of my life and the next 15 days worth every time I have cried, or felt inadaquate, or felt like the funny fat girl.

Excited about my present and future!!

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