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The Terrible TOM (strong language)

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I alway wondered why girls always *****ed about their TOM. I mean seriously are we whiney or what? Well.. I was on birthcontrol from 15yo to Feburary this year.

That's when hell began.

Day one- UGHHH I'm so tired!! And so hungry!!!
Day Two- I literally can barely get out of bed I am in so much pain. I turn to the good kind of drugs.
Day Three- the pain lessens, but I want to eat EVERYTHING! (mexican food preferred)
Day four- Hunger is better, pain is better, standards in men are lower!

Day four is where i am right at this moment. Blogging is keeping me from calling up my closest ex (geographically speaking) for some 24 hour rekindling! I swear I just want to be held...

Oh yeah and I have gained 4 ****ING pounds!!!!!!!! After holding steady for so long my horomones change and all of a sudden I am a food sucking, crying at sappy movies, ****.

The only silver lining on this cloud of despair is that I finally poop more than I have ever pooped before.

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  1. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Don't you mean the "brown lining"?