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Take 2.

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Okay... so that didn't go as well as planned. Apparently my emotional eating habits are not as far in my past as I would have liked. I think they may actually be something I deal with for many years to come, but they are not nearly as bad as once so I'll take every little victory I can get. I ended up with 2 days very similar to what first timers do for their loading - eat anything and everything in sight. Soo... I had to make a decision. end and restart another time, or us this as a point to "restart." I'm happy to say that I've decided to continue on my journey. Today was hard, but I imagine the next few days will be hard, similar to the first few days I'm on vlcd at the beginning of the round. I'm hoping I have a big loss tomorrow but I'm prepared if I don't. Either way I'm happy to be back on the right track!

Thanks to everyone who was checking on me! And thank you for all of the support!

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  1. ZanneP's Avatar
    Glad this was only a mild bump in the road for you. Cheats always feel so huge and out of control, but in reality are so minor when it come to the overall goal! Good thing we are both doing a long round this time. I really need to blog this round, it is very cathartic.