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Hunger and Work Lunches

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Well I am happy to say I'm down in the 140's! Sticking to protocol has definitely worked well for me. That being said I didn't have the best day today. My boss invited me out to lunch and since this is something that is widely unheard of I went. I tried to eat on protocol but it is almost impossible to do. So, I've decided to make the most of my day. I took a detox bath, which was amazing, and tried my first session of yoga. I'm feeling so incredibly relaxed right now! The kids are trying their best to make me anxious right now but it doesn't seem to be working I think I'm finding the key is to spend a little bit of me time every day finding something I enjoy or can relax with.

I know the scale won't be too nice to me in the morning but I figure a lunch meeting with my boss while I'm trying to get important was as important for my long term well-being as my weight. Now, in no was does that mean I'm going to make a habit of going off of protocol and since it is the first time in a year that I have gone to a lunch meeting it is unlikely that it will happen again during this round.

I was VERY hungry today. Especially in the morning. I think it might be because I took shots only 12 hours apart which may have left too much hcg in my system. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. If I am as hungry again I will consider lowering my dose.

Thanks Everyone for all your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. marvless's Avatar
    Hi Kahlan, I just started blogging! I start R4 today. Excited to get to SSG! Have a wonderful POP day GF!