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Restart Success!

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So I am happy to say my positive attitude and clean restart have paid off already. I lost 3lbs this morning and I'm thrilled. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and plan on following protocol exactly today. I do hate working late since it seems harder to stay on track but I'll be happy to be making the right decisions again. We have a huge corporate visit at work tomorrow but I'm determined to stay calm and not stress. Hopefully I'll keep myself busy enough that I won't even have time to think about food.

I know that I really need to eat exactly on protocol for the rest of the round so that i can stabilize well. Even as I was eating what I shouldn't have the last few days I kept thinking "This isn't making me feel any better." Actually I just kept feeling worse about it so it is definitely a downward spiral. I know that how I feel when I'm making progress is amazing though so I think I need to focus on that from now on.

I don't know if the cheat will affect the rest of my round. It's quite possible and I easily lost 4 days worth of losses because of it but I'm not going to stress it. I'm almost within a healthy body weight and as long as I get there i'll be happy. I may or may not do another round after this one, I honestly have no idea but I do know that this whole experience has helped me learn a lot about myself and has made me a lot more comfortable with my life.

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Sounds like you will be fine. It seems like if the wt comes right back off..then your body is ok.if it won't give it up easily then you may have issues. Attitude is 90 % ...stay positive!
  2. ZanneP's Avatar
    Congrats on the weightloss! Love the attitude it is infectious