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VLCD4: A great day...

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VLCD4: A great day...

I need to share, but I tried to tell people on the forum and (maybe I interrupted their conversation, but) they all left. ANYWAY...I'll share with you.

Yesterday, I had a big meeting in the morning, and I told the person in charge what I could eat (I was doing my company a favor of sorts and they were feeding us for the time). Anyway, the food arrives at 11:30am and it's Baja Fresh. The salad that I suggested is there BUT it's covered with all this stuff. You know, one of those "I shoulda had a Big Mac" salads? So, I said (in front of 6 people) that I would eat later and that I had a HUGE breakfast. They kept insisting to get me something special, but I kept insisting that I couldn't eat another bite, and I was on strict doctors orders for a medical condition, and la la la...I fibbed a bit to get through the stall in the ENTIRE meeting about what I would and would not eat. I had to wait until 2PM to eat anything! Go me!

THEN, I was asked to dinner by a wine and dinner buddy to a place I'm a regular. I usually eat healthy-ish here (one or two glasses of red wine and a pita platter with olives and hummus), but all that is out the window if I want to stay on protocol. I order a Ceasar Salad...hold the Ceasar-ness (no croutons, dressing, cheese...meaning just lettuce) and grilled chicken dry (not a spec of oil). It was delicious actually, and I was really satisfied.

THEN AGAIN, fast forward 1 in the morning and we are on our way to a call (for work, I do research and I go where I'm needed) and the same girl who ate pita and had wine while I had my Ceasar-less salad wants McDonalds. Fine. I go with her, and seriously, this McD is a place I used to go to regular like clock-work. I ordered black coffee.

I felt like a total rock-star yesterday and I'm gunna carry that with me all day long! I hope I can inspire by proxy!

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  1. nkaye79's Avatar
    Way to go!!!!
  2. ktspencer's Avatar
    GOOD JOB!! Sounds like you've got this!
  3. Tate's Avatar
    Wow, what a day of temptation, but you rocked it! Keep on going just like that...the more you say no, the easier it is to resist. Great job!
  4. VeronicaA's Avatar
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

    No offense, but this to me is way more impressive than losing "2-3" pounds in one day, this is behavior that will help you now and tomorrow and the next days. Truly inspiring.

    I would have break into the temptation and ate, which would had made felt guilty.

    Good job!
  5. tarte-tatin's Avatar
    I'm definitely inspired! You got through a day that could have been really rough and you succeeded! Hooray for you! In the future, you might consider stashing some chicken and an apple in your purse. Easier on you system when you don't have to wait forever to eat. Just my two cents.
  6. kellytoo's Avatar
    Yay!! Gold Star. you certainly handled a tough day/night.