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Leptin Diet Plan

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Is this a cool overview, or what?
Thanks again to Grizz on the MDA forum.
Introduction to Leptin for newbees, many thanks Dr. Kruse for his help. This post will be referenced in the new Leptin Reset Index here:
Please let me know if you see errors so I can correct them.

“Here is the bottom line in as few words as possible. Humans are either sugar burners or they are fat burners as determined by diet. The High Carb – Low Fat Diet insures that we are sugar burners, and store fat. The High Carb diet also dulls the brain’s sensitivity to LEPTIN. The following skips all the scientific mumbo jumbo to explain a very complex & confusing subject for Dummies.

Leptin For Dummies
================================================== =======
* Leptin = Hormone that comes from fat and is sent to the brain & all other cells to control energy
* Leptin is the MASTER Hormone that controls all other body hormones including insulin
* Leptin is the feedback loop between fat cells & the brain and all systems that use energy.
* Leptin Sensors in the brain are the “Gas Tank” that measures fat stores
* Leptin HELPS tells the Brain when to eat, when to stop eating with the incretin hormones
* Anything that uses Energy in the body is therefore tied to leptin status.
* The more energy dependent the physiologic process the more coupled it is to proper leptin function.
* Leptin allows the body to burn fat very efficiently even when sugar/carbs are plentiful
* Leptin allows the brain to live through “Starvation Mode”
* Leptin signaling can be blocked in the brain = High Leptin levels = Leptin Resistant = Starvation Mode/Obesity
* Starvation Mode = body told to burn sugar, then eventually it causes osteoporosis and fatty muscles
* Leptin sensors in the brain OK = Low leptin levels = Leptin receptor Sensitive = body is able burn fat well.
* We can train our bodies to be a fat burner by a special diet to restore Leptin sensitivity
* IF the leptin receptor is permanently damaged we can train our brain to re read leptin signal with the Leptin Rx.
* Blood testing can measure Leptin levels, but they are rather useless clinically.
* The Liver makes energy for use between meals and is our metabolic engine, the thyroid is the gas pedal, and leptin is the computer who modulates control over both using hormone signals.

Characteristics of the Sugar Burner = High levels of leptin = Brain Leptin Resistant (LR)
================================================== =======
- – A lifetime of eating high PUFA containing foods, High Carb foods, a life of elevated cortisol with poor sleep damages the Leptin Receptors in the brain
* Brain receptors that are blocked, do not detect Leptin well any longer, and in some cases may be damaged
* When the Leptin receptor is blocked the brain sees the body as in “Starvation Mode” to store even more fat with every meal.
* In obesity you are hungry even when overweight, urges to snack, no signals to stop eating when full
* In anorexia no hunger, thyroid shut down and you consume your own bodies protein, bone, and fat.
* Dieting wont work when LR; exercise is highly inflammatory when your are LR and wont help because you still won’t burn fat well at muscle level until you become LS.
* Blood sugar can become out of control, leading to diabetes: Intracellular loss of Magnesium is the first step in LR.
* Thyroid Gland is no longer under control of brain in LR, and basically not functioning well regardless of lab findings
* Thyroid shuts down, preventing muscles from burning fat
*A nation of Obese People are walking around in “Starvation Mode” because their brain is blind to their fat stores.
* Liver gets overloaded with energy, becomes fatty and sluggish causing our Ferrari’s engine to become inefficient
* Belly fat accumulates as LR continues for the obese and waistline increases. Anorexics waste away and die.

Characteristics of the Fat Burner = Low levels of Leptin = Brain Leptin Sensitive (LS)
================================================== ========
* Satisfied after eating, can even skip meals without getting hungry, no desire for snacks,
* Body burns fat instead of sugar
- – Exercise & Dieting results in burning stored energy, then fat cells and NOT muscle & bone
* Blood sugar under tight control because your liver will be optimized once again to run like a Ferrari engine
* Thyroid functioning normally because leptin will allow the brain to control its gas pedal once again.
* Body no longer in “Starvation Mode,” healthy weight controlled for the obese or the anorexic
*The reset can use Low Carb Diet high protein or high fat diet timed correctly to reset how our neurons work once again and allow us to once again become effective fat burners.
- – Hormone levels are properly controlled and normal levels will eventually return as leptin function normalizes
- – You will be able to eventually eat anything you want & not gain weight once your brain is retrained.

So bottom line, people who can’t lose weight or who have diabetes- can blame it on their epigenetic switches that are set to partition calories differently than a normal person's metabolism because they are likely to be Leptin Resistant. No amount of dieting will work until Leptin Receptors get trained to function properly again. This normally takes 6 to 8 weeks of the “Leptin Reset” protocol which uses adaptive neuroplasticity to allow our brain to once again be sensitive to our fat stores and restore us to energy efficiency again. The LEPTIN RESET IS RETRAINING LEPTIN NEURONS TO RESIGNAL TO APPROPRIATE SIGNS USING TIMING OF THE MEALS AND AND FUELS AND GUT SENSATIONS TO REORGANIZE HYPOTHALAMIC FUNCTION IN THE HYPOCRETIN NEURONS. The more systemic inflammation one has the longer the reset can take. This means the timing of return of the leptin reset is dependent upon variables in each one of us. Patience is the key.

For more details, refer to Dr. Kruse’s Blog Index to Articles & message threads on Leptin here:


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