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Leptin Diet Plan - one of the BEST posts I've seen on it!

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I read your post yesterday about feeling a little unwelcomed as a newbie and I felt for ya cuz this info is admittedly overwhelming at first. Kruse is like the Energizer Bunny with ADHD and he assumes that we already all know the BASICS but we really don't. So we've been struggling a bit the last few months trying to decipher "what did he mean by that?" & "but last time he said THIS!" Turns out it's all about context. We are ALL different. So what causes YOU to have inflammation might not be a problem for me. I get up and eat a cup of 2% Fage w/Stevia & Orange or Lemon Extract. I do this because I'm also trying to feed & medicate a diabetic dog first thing when I get up while trying to start eating within 30 minutes of waking. I start the bacon on the stove then I stand in the yard in my bunny slippers and snow parka eating Fage while my blind dog walks into the broad side of the trailer while trying to take a dump. Seriously.

But I can eat Fage while 80% of others can't eat dairy. I always take some Lactose enzymes with it just in case. I've tested my insulin before and after eating it just to make sure. I've quit eating eggs and later added them back in just to see what happened on the scale the next day. It's a process for sure! Generally, I've read experiences (plus my own) that eating fish is very nice for the scale. I got up one day after poor breakfast pre-planning and ate sauteed precooked shrimp for breakfast. Odd for sure, yet a nice result on the scale the next day. We buy bulk grass-fed beef so there's usually some thawed hamburger to make a cheeseburger for breakfast for me & the dog. She's on Paleo diet too and has stablized beautifully on her insulin for 12 weeks now since her old pancreas failed.

I have tried the Mercola Whey Protein and the scale was fine the next day. No losses, no gains. I personally use that brand because his is NOT the isolated protein. Many protein powders contain MSG and Sugar while this one contains "Lou Han" which is a natural herbal sweetener more like Stevia. And because many Whey Proteins contain MSG & Sugar, they make insulin spike. Basically, the whole idea of this Kruse method of Leptin Reset is to minimize the number of times you spike your insulin each day. The more even you maintain your insulin, the less fat you store. And if you are Leptin Resistant, you are a fat storer while being a Sugar Burner. Your body craves sugars and carbs because that's what is fueling your body. Your body is not releasing the fat to be burned. It's likened to having a huge bank account with lots of money but your ATM card doesn't work. Leptin Sensitivity is that ATM card that works to get your "fat out of the bank."

I have not yet taken any tests as I don't have insurance. I am treating my symptoms and carefully tweaking my supplements as I go. Honestly, I was already using 75% of the supplements Kruse recommends as I've been working on regaining my health for years now. I was relieved that I have been on the right track but just needed a little more info to make it all fall into place. I used to have Fibromyalgia. No more. Chronic lower back pain. Not anymore afer treating my adrenals. Found hcg to take off a lot of weight but couldn't keep it off. To me, this Leptin info is the last piece of the puzzle in maintaining a healthy body.

There is a list of tests that Kruse recommends on his site under "Hormones 101" I think. Your doctor may balk at getting a RT3 test as most doctors only rely on TSH tests to rule out thyroid issues. My thyroid is "FINE" on the TSH test yet my FMS (fibromyalgia) went away when I started using T3 when I found a doctor with a clue.

So this is why it's hard to just tell a newbie how to do this. It's really very personal to your health issues and test results or symptoms. One size does not fit all except for his basic timing of eating and how it affects your brain and your Leptin signaling which keeps the weight off. Hcg does this for many people. But not all. Even Simeons said that this diet was successful 60-70% of the time. That's also a 30-40% failure rate. Personally, I think hcg acts like that ATM card while we're on it. I doubt Kruse would agree with me on that statement but I couldn't lose weight for nothing without hcg. But as soon as I was off the hcg, the weight started piling back on as my body is very efficient at storing fat. I am a Sugar Burner but want to become a Fat Burner. I will continue to try this Leptin Reset protocol and give it a fair shot as I really have nothing else that seems to come close to being a permanent solution to my weight problem. I'm finally starting to see nice results so why would I give up now and go try another author's method just because a someone else has doubts about Kruse when they won't even try it? I've been called a "groupie" and a "cult member" for trying this Leptin Reset. These boards are fickle. One day someone helps you and next day they try to sabotage you. Be smart and take care of your health. Cuz when they say, "When you've got your health, you've got everything" it's true.

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