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Leptin Reset (Kruse)

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Moderator, Margie, had asked if anyone had done the Paleo way of eating without Dr. Kruse's restrictions on timing and food specifics.

I replied:
This is a VERY good point, Margie! Been there, done that. After my last P3 cycle of HHCG I went strictly Paleo with no dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, white potatioes, rice, artificial sweeteners, processed foods. I was determined that I'd eat this way forever if that is what it takes to feel as good as Paleo eaters brag about. I added more saturated fats than even many Paleo gurus recommend because I felt my body was starving of fats. My skin was dry and extremely wrinkled after that round and as I stated several times my ankles looked like my granny's sagging silk stockings that she used to wear just to have socks on with her shoes. She didn't even try to pull them up over her calves. I'm talking sagging, dry skin. And the reports of HCGers getting surgery for all that skin flab scared the crap out of me!!!!!!

I lathered my insides and outside with saturated fats from meat, avacados, coconut oil and vitamin E. I maintained round 3 P3 BEAUTIFULLY!!! By week six I began losing about a pound a week, sometimes 2, just eating this way from April 22 (LDW) to July 10 when I discovered the Leptin Reset.

The only thing I had to change was the timing of my meals and eating more for my BAB to be able to avoid the walnuts I had nibbled on all day. I went for the reset for the promise of better health, not to lose more weight. The BAB is the only "certain amounts" required and those vary by the individual's need in order to have no cravings, no snacks, no hunger between meals.

The weight losses stopped on the reset as my hormones began readjusting to the correct circadian rhythm. I began supplementing for a few issues and am so pleased with my progress I just can't stop talking about it! (sorry if this bothers anyone) I'm telling ya'll, this Leptin Reset is NOT about losing weight or maintaining weight. It simply is NOT. Don't do it if you "have" to have certain numbers on the scale to be happy or feel healthy. Change your mind to want to be healthy and get to the bottom of your issues and the Reset will help you. Otherwise just forget it.

Several on the MDA forum had stopped losing after a very long time (years?) on Paleo and when they started the reset their weight was very unstable. They are resolving the hormone issues that manifested to signal their body required more than just correct food timing, and some are beginning to lose weight again. One notable one that had been so frustrated after about 6-8 weeks on the reset finally got all her labs done and restarted the reset with her own info known and supplementing her own issues. She began losing and feeling ALL the benefits of the reset within a few short weeks.

Getting healthy is SUCH a huge benefit of doing the reset after so many years of sucky health!!!!!!! Energy and desire to do what I want and need to do day in and day out is a PRICELESS gift from God!!! Yes, I see Dr. Kruse [and his Leptin Prescription] as MY PERSONAL gift from God, Himself!! (YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary)

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  1. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Good post.
  2. Elliebabe's Avatar
    Yes, Great Post Kaleein!

  3. Kaleein's Avatar
    Ellie! How are ya, anyhow?? Haven't seen you in forever!!
  4. Elliebabe's Avatar
    Good, need to do another round! ha ha..
    Mine and your body seem to be so much alike.

    So sensitive!
    Planning on doing a round and checking to see how everyone is doing.
    My path took me into other directions.
    Have you been feeling what's going on with the world, those of us that are sensitive it's been hard, dizzy, time moving faster, ringing in our ears, more awareness of what is going on.. not sure how many can feel it. Doing the HCG will also take my mind off everything that is going on... See you have been doing your homework! My problem is that when I get off the hcg I crave dairy, can't stay away from it, put weight back on me, I can't stand to do a steak day once I get off the hcg, that's just me... I know this is probably a no no, but I found bean sprouts and put them into organic broth, like a noodle soup that's not really noodles! ha ha,, hey whatever works! Ellie
  5. Kaleein's Avatar
    It's hard NOT to feel what's going on with the world.... I feel your pain there, for sure.

    Lately, I've turned off the television, even the radio and have soothing classical piano music on all the time. Even my dog enjoys it. If I get started on a project and don't turn it on he bugs me until I remember. Then he sits and wags his tail with delight!

    Fortunately, I LOVE steak days! Start every day with one, now! LOL Well, hamburger "steak" ... or salmon "steak" ... or a 6 egg "steak" omelet. Love, love, love love Paleo eating! Suites me to a T-bone (I wish I could afford those).

    Used to love bean sprouts! Hope to be able to eat them again from time to time one day. Not soon, though.

    Again, good to "see" you ... Good luck on your journey!
  6. Elliebabe's Avatar
    I just have to say this I haven't watched tv either, and guess what.. if it is something negative or perhaps something sublimaly negative the tv will just turn to snow all by itself, if it's a negative program, it will turn to snow in just a couple of seconds after turning it on. I mostly gave up watching realizing this is not what God wants for me now.
    I have been focusing on forgiveness, worked on going inside and looking at my life. It's been awesome. I have always been sensitive to the other realms, especially the one closest to our earth, I can really feel something going on these days, hoping the protocol can take my mind off of it. Ellie