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About Me

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About Me
Hi, I'm Kandee. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I guess you'd like to know a little about me? Well... I'm an accountant- nothing much else I can say about that before I loose you LOL. I am the wife of a fabulous Engineer- technical consulting, programming, databases, networks that sort of thing..., I am a mom to one beautiful girl and proud owner of a cute Bichon Luna and a naughty always in trouble chocolate lab named Bentley.

While this blog is mostly about my weight loss journey on the HCG Diet. Be aware
I do not use homeopathic HCG. I don't have anything against it. Just want to mention that I use real pharmaceutical grade, 100% injectible HCG that I get from http://www.http://inshapemd.com.
You may also find a variety of other topics covered from physical training such as thoughts about training for a marathon to beauty and fashion, gadgets, food recipes and everyday life.

Any and all advice offered on my blog are a work in progress that I give or present and are entirely from my perspective. I will share my thoughts when i post. If later on something has changed I will try to come back and update my new views, this is all based on my ongoing research and experienced changes.

I welcome you to write me comments and give me feedback.
If you think or know I am wrong about something- please tell me ASAP! Constructive truths is what we are built on!

I started my HCG journey on September 9th, 2011. I don't care what some of these naysayer doctors or negative people say- this protocol works for me.

The HCG Express train came around my corner- and I hitched a ride and plan to ride it until goal.

Come Join Me!

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