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This is My Story of how I came across HCG

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As of today, I have been doing HCG for 60 days- I know right- not much of an expert. But I have done loads of research prior to beginning and during. I have completed 1 Round of 30 injections. I am currently in my second round. I have lost 32 lbs so far but plan to lose 45 to 55 more.

I am very excited I found this protocol. I have tried Weight Watchers, South Beach, Lemonade Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Eat Clean Diet, grapefruit diet, accupuncture, low carb, low fat, Zone diet...just to name a few. I was contemplating weight loss surgery when I came accross HCG.

One day flipping through the Sunday newspaper I came accross this article for a medical clinic that was celebrating a grand opening. In the ad they mentioned a hormone therapy program where you will lose up to one pound of fat a day. I was very skeptical about it and before calling to make an appointment I looked at their website. It mentioned all the benefits about the protocol but did not say exactly what it was. So I started researching online until i came across what exactly this hormone therapy was for weightloss.

Shortly after I made my appointment, consulted with the doctor and started my program.
They showed me how to give myself injections. They explained what the phases are and what each one does.

All I could think of was that I hate needles.
Seriously, but I am driven and so desperate to rid of all this body fat. And hey if I was contemplating weight loss surgery and pay over $10K to have it done- then I can poke myself every morning.
The fact that I hate needles is exactly why I think this protocol works so well for me- I mean who will put themselves through needles and sabotage later in the day- I don't think so.

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  1. lindahoyt's Avatar
    Good point! It just isn't worth it to cheat. I have done it and nothing tastes that good, to delay losing weight! I may not even cheat on Thanksgiving, because I just want to finish this. I have been having a hard time. I got bad drops, and have been starving...I finally got good drops yesterday after 15 days of bad ones. I lost a quick 7 pounds, but then nothing, and severe hunger.

    Anyway, happy to be your friend, you are doing great! You ARE an authority now. 60 days is a good long time...second round, you are doing wonderfully. How was p3?
  2. kandeekisses's Avatar
    P3 was challenging- well the first week anyways- weight flunctuates as you increase the calories but after I monitered everything closely I was able to eat lots of calories and did not gain- I actually ended P3 at 1 lb below LIW.