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Week 1 Results Are Here!

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Hello everyone- It is I- Kandee checking in for another day on the Very Low Calorie Diet. Today is Day #8. I have the results for Week 1 on VLCD. I am down 7.0 lbs- that's right I did 1lb loss per day on my Week 1 of Round 2. I am sooooo happy!! Sorry don't want to sound cocky- just proud of my accomplishments- this Round has been harder than Round 1.

So........so....close to ONEderland.....

I am line dancing- ride in my choo-choo train....I know I can...I know I can....choo-choo- come on and ride it- one way ticket on the HCG ONEderland Express...choo-choo...

okay enough of being silly! LOL

Carpe Diem!!!

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  1. ttaylor001's Avatar
    Congratulations Kandee! Don't ever feel bad for embracing your accomplishments. You done good gurl! Keep to it, it is a journey not an overnight trip.

  2. kandeekisses's Avatar
    thanks so much Tamara!
  3. lindahoyt's Avatar
    Great! You are really on your way!