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July 2020

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Back at this again. Took a long time for me to commit to the HCG process this time. My mind was in a place that didn't want to be restricted. COVID hit hard here in NJ and we were on lockdown for almost 3 months. Laying around the house for almost 3 months really put things into perspective for me. I was having trouble walking up and down the stairs. I didn't have any inclination to exercise or move. I did however start cooking again. I loved that! Having family dinners again was the greatest thing! I didn't worry about calories or fat or health, I just cooked to my heart's desire.
Now that lockdown is over, I need to move again. I need to lose this weight to feel comfortable in my own skin again. I'm back on the protocol to basically cleanse my system of garbage as well as my mind. HCG always seems to 'detox' me from garbage foods and clears my mind mentally. It gives me a new outlook on how I can be healthy, happy, and feel good.
I have taken hiking back up. I used to hike years ago. My first hike was only 3.7 miles. It had some inclines and I didn't realize it, but those inclines caused light-headedness. I thought I would pass out.
My second hike I decided to eat my melba toast with my coffee for breakfast and eat 3-4 bites of my roasted chicken before the hike. I also made sure I started drinking my water immediately and sips throughout the hike. This second hike went much smoother- until I got to the incline. I got light-headed again. I paused in the middle of the incline, had some water, and meditated a few minutes. Lowered my heart rate and then continued. I had to stop again at the top of the incline and repeat the water and meditation. All went well. I was able to continue. I hiked a total of 5.9 miles.
I am looking forward to my next hike over the weekend- it is a planned 7 miles. There are some inclines and I will be sure to pause, meditate, and hydrate.

I lost 1.4 after my first hike. I was elated! I couldn't believe how much I lost overnight. My losses have been very slow and discouraging. I've lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks (the first two weeks). But at this point, it's also about changing my mindset.

After the second hike, I woke up with a sore lower back. The scale went up .4
I was a bit disappointed but realized that it is probably due to inflammation. I will persevere.

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