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My Journey

Life is too precious to be upset or unhappy with oneself. I appreciate all the beauty around me. I appreciate everything that I have. My children, My home but most of all my husband. I am worthy of having happiness. I am worthy of feeling good in my own skin. I am thankful for my health and the ability to change my destiny.
We are all deserving of a life filled with happiness, laughter and smiles. But without sorrow, would we know happiness? My journey is about acknowledging my choices, changing my direction and accepting happiness in all things.

  1. Another round 3 done

    Wow, 3 weeks done.. I feel like I've been eating P2 forever. It's amazing how easily my mind is forgetting my past food addictions. I'm thankful for that forgetfulness. It was a tough week. Tom being 4 days late-- what's up with that?! Certainly not usual for me. Only time that EVER happened to me, was when I was pregnant. I don't want to overthink it. Could be the beginning of some bodily changes.. or maybe the fact that I started my round 12 days before Tom was due. I don't know.. ...
  2. Another round--week 2 done

    Today is the last day of week 2 for me. I somehow was able to manage to lose 4 pounds this week. Considering I started off the week with a 2 day stall, I made a huge comeback. I'm feeling good. Got my dose corrected and feeling no hunger and plenty of energy. I'm right at 110. I don't know why I decide to start at 125.. My last round ended at 110.. I'll have to make a mental note of that for any future rounds.
    Today, I lost a whole pound which put me at my LIW from last round. I've ...
  3. Another round-- week 1 done

    After my last round, I was hoping that this would've been my last round. However, I shortened the round and didn't lose as much as I had hoped. So this will NOT be my last round.

    So far, I've completed week 1 in P2. Started off a bit high with my dose and needed to lower within a couple of days-- but no hunger anymore and feeling fine.

    This past P1 I gained more than I've gained ever before on P1. I did indulge in chocolate bars-- twixes and milk ways.. several ...