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My Journey

Life is too precious to be upset or unhappy with oneself. I appreciate all the beauty around me. I appreciate everything that I have. My children, My home but most of all my husband. I am worthy of having happiness. I am worthy of feeling good in my own skin. I am thankful for my health and the ability to change my destiny.
We are all deserving of a life filled with happiness, laughter and smiles. But without sorrow, would we know happiness? My journey is about acknowledging my choices, changing my direction and accepting happiness in all things.

  1. Another round week 7 done

    Last week I forgot to skip on my skip day-- so I had to change it from Sunday to Monday-- no big deal. It didn't affect my hunger or my weight loss. It was to be my last week on P2. It was a slow round, with no stalls. Very small losses in weeks 2,3,and 4.. but then nice losses in week 5. Week 6 losses were average. Tom was expected toward the end of week 6, but arrived a day late.. again, no biggie. But now that Tom is here- I am not losing anymore and in 2 days I enter P3. It doesn't look ...