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experiments with OREO's and rats

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Interestingly enough when I was teaching yesterday, another teacher had given me a research paper that included a study about rats. The university of Connecticut produced the study.
The rats were given an option of eating oreo's or sugar water- the rats chose the oreo's.
Then the rats were given the option of having cocaine or morphine and the rats chose cocaine.
And then the rats were given the choice of having oreo's or cocaine- and the rats chose the oreo's!!

The study had a variety of trials all leading to the rats taking the oreo's.

I am thrilled that our scientific community is beginning research on sugar/fats being an addictive quality. For people like me, I've already known this for a while. But when the medical profession insists that you can't be addicted to food it is quite disappointing that no one can relate to how you are feeling or offer any support.

I never considered myself susceptible to addiction- however, I have come to realize in the last 4-5 years that I do indeed have an addiction. To sugar. Fats aren't my choice of destruction but sugar definitely is.

After several rounds of hcg- I find that I no longer physically crave the sugar in foods- as a matter of fact, when I taste the sugary foods I no longer enjoy it and usually spit it out. But then there is that MENTAL want! My mind seems to want the sugar, I'm guessing there was a chemical release of some sort and my mind is craving that. I don't really know. All I know, is that I hope that that mental craving disappears in time and I am finally rid of my addiction. It's been about 2 years that I have been off sugar ( for the most part) and I'm not quite there yet- as I still "think" about having candy.
I do know that when I have indulged in candy, I felt horrible. Which you would thing would deter me from having it anymore-- but then there is that "mental" crave.. not sure how to overcome that.

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