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r5 p3 d1

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Here I am again. In a familiar place but felling different. I've been in P3 many times in the past. Not successful in my eyes- as I always gained back a minimum of 5 lbs above LIW. Some rounds I gained it all back. Each round I made mistakes, and I own up to making those mistakes. I've compiled a list of things that have worked for me and I am now trying to stick to that list.
I'm eating whole foods. Staying away from processed foods would be best for me. I'm using olive oil, evoo, butter for the first week. I'm limiting the amounts of new veggies, as to not have too much quantity in one day. I am adding variety.
I'm keeping nut butters ( homemade) for after the first week, as well as my homemade sugar free desserts- that have been all good in the past.
Since I don't have the sensation of feeling full, I'm trying to keep my meals at 400-500 calories each with 2 snacks at 100 calories. I'm not calorie counting per say, I'm eyeballing everything and trying to make good choices when it comes to portions and choices.
I need to keep myself in the frame of mind that food is to fuel my body, not to make me feel better or keep me busy.

So far today:
breakfast- 2 egg omelet with white mushrooms cooked in butter, a side of 3 slices of bacon and 1/2 cup raspberries.
lunch- angus beef burger, sauteed broccoli, mushroom in olive oil and garlic and a green apple

I have an avocado for a snack if i feel i need it. I'm defrosting Turkey ground meat for dinner with a salad.

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