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Another round-- week 1 done

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After my last round, I was hoping that this would've been my last round. However, I shortened the round and didn't lose as much as I had hoped. So this will NOT be my last round.

So far, I've completed week 1 in P2. Started off a bit high with my dose and needed to lower within a couple of days-- but no hunger anymore and feeling fine.

This past P1 I gained more than I've gained ever before on P1. I did indulge in chocolate bars-- twixes and milk ways.. several times, so that could explain the larger jump. A thought came to me today.. I seem to have a bit of trouble with milk. I always have big jumps the next day. And sugar is a definite problem for me.. so the chocolate bars have a combination of both... double whammy!! I think next time I will abstain, unless the desire overwhelms me.. then, the best time to do it is on P1. lol
I've been sticking to my chicken as my protein and mixing up shredded cabbage and lettuce. I've also been mixing up my fruit-- using strawberries, oranges and apples. For the first time, I am omitting the cracker for 1 meal a day.. It didn't seem to make a difference in my first week of losses-- but we shall see.

I've taken to writing a physical journal in a calendar notebook. I've documented what caused major gains ( anything over 1 pound overnight). Usually my gains are overnight.. not over a few days..
I've kept a list of foods that caused gains in week 1, week 2 and week 3 in P3.... as well as a list of foods that I have no adverse reaction or helped me lose a few in P3.
Another list I made was a p4 list. I added quite a few items in P4- some with better results than others... and again, by which week I introduced them.
Hopefully, this information will help me navigate my next p3 more smoothly.

My last p3 was more stable than any other that I have done ( except my first). I screwed up my first week, which I believe caused me to fight the bulge the rest of the weeks. Hoping to rectify that this coming P3. I'm taking it as a challenge that I am ready to head on.

With stabilizing in this upcoming P3, I will still need to do a short, maybe long round again, depending on my total losses and P4 and next round load weight.

I'm feeling anxious again this round. I haven't been doing my breathing exercises and plan on starting them tonight- they really helped me 2 rounds ago..

I have not yet gotten to the "virgin" weight. I have to lose another 9 lbs and after that- any weight that I lose will be fresh new weight lost that has not been previously lost and regained. Can't wait for that!!

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