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Another round week 5 done

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The week seemed as if there were no losses to be jumping up and down about. Until this morning, I had a 1 pound drop which gave me a loss of 2.2 this week. My weekly losses have been far below normal this round. It's my own fault for trying to tweak the protocol. I don't do well with tweaks-- the original protocol works best for me. When am I going to realize that and stop trying to tweak it?!?!
I'm finally into the 120's-- by the skin of my teeth. lol
I'm all disheveled today as my phone was stolen yesterday. I can't access my google calendar without access to my phone ( well, I have to wait 3-5 days to do so). I've got another phone on order. I settled for another phone that I am not sure I am going to like- we shall see.
I have no idea what day of my round I am on- as I was using my phone for that info. I'll have to go to my spreadsheet and diary to figure it out. ( sometimes I forget to log into the spreadsheet and diary to update- for a few days).
I feel good. Hoping to eek out a few more pounds and get to 125. My original goal was 120-123.. so I am slightly off.

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