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Another round week 6 done

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This past week I have had a total loss of 3.2 lbs. It's great to know that I can rebound and catch up with the average. Hopefully, the losses will continue my last week of vlcd. Feeling good and starting to see a difference in the way my clothes fit.
Today the scale was teetering between 126.8 and 127.2-- it stuck at 127.2.. hopefully tomorrow it will drop to the lower. In the beginning of a round it seems overwhelming to have to be in P2 for over a month and half. The large quick losses help to adjust to the restrictive part of the diet. And half way through I usually find myself with head hunger and issues of reading others' posts about going rogue and having great results. I fall victim to following unsound advice sometimes in order to speed up my losses- and that detour NEVER works out for me. I am thankful for all the learning that I have experienced. I think I needed the detours to teach me that shortcuts just don't work for me. They never have. The whole reason I came to do this protocol, is because I managed to learn how to do shortcuts in every other diet. I would initially lose weight on those other plans but always stagnated. Looking back- I can see it was because I used those shortcuts. They were usually "legal" shortcuts, but nonetheless not the right way. So I will try to remain strong in my endeavor to reach goal- and do things the "right" way. P3 is coming up in a week or so. Depending on the upcoming expecting Tom. I kind of want Tom to arrive right on time so I can extend P2 another couple of days.. But what is meant to be shall be.
Looking forward to stabilizing perfectly. I'm starting to plan and purchase my proteins. I am planning on sticking to 2-3 kinds of veggies at each meal with protein and added fat. My fats will be olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or butter. My first week is crucial to stay on track. I'm excited and nervous.

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