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Another round week 7 done

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Last week I forgot to skip on my skip day-- so I had to change it from Sunday to Monday-- no big deal. It didn't affect my hunger or my weight loss. It was to be my last week on P2. It was a slow round, with no stalls. Very small losses in weeks 2,3,and 4.. but then nice losses in week 5. Week 6 losses were average. Tom was expected toward the end of week 6, but arrived a day late.. again, no biggie. But now that Tom is here- I am not losing anymore and in 2 days I enter P3. It doesn't look like I am going to get my 2 lb allowance for P3. That really scares me. I've thought about extending the round a few more days- but I'm at the max of 40 injections and really don't want to risk immunity.
This past week I went Costco shopping. Preparing for P3 eating. I bought meats, veggies, avocados, olives, evoo, and fruits.
Every round is an important round to stabilize. I seem to gain 5 lbs the initial week and then fight to stay there the rest of P3/4. I am hoping to correct that this time and stay within my 2 lb allowance.
Usually I do a round for a specific occasion, and when I reach P3 I feel that I am done. This time, there is no special occasion.. and I realize that I am NOT done. I have another 3 weeks of watching intensely. Making sure that there are no hidden sugars or starches in what I am eating. I am planning on not eating any processed foods. I'm going to prepare my weeks dinners and have grab-able snacks like olives, avocados, and proteins. I will try to continue eating 2 fruits a day- sticking with mostly berries and apples.
I'm feeling scared but positive that I can do this.
I didn't quite get to where I wanted to be this round- by no ones fault by my own. I tired yet again to change the original protocol during weeks 2 and 3 and suffered with slowed losses. NEVER again.. these changed just don't work for me.
I've got 2 more weigh ins until P3 starts-- hoping for some slight allowance...

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