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Upcoming round

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I'm days away from starting another round. I'm still hovering between 138-140. After gaining 6 pounds during the first week of P3-- I've stabilized right at that number. I've come to the conclusion, that for me-- the first week of P3 is crucial to stabilize. I look forward to the challenge next P3 of staying at LIW.
This upcoming P2 is getting me nervous. I have always enjoyed the continuity of P2-- the ease of eating the same thing everyday. Not having to prepare all these meals and snacks... but after a successful P3/P4, and all it's variety, I am fearful for my upcoming P2.
Hopefully, this coming round I will either reach my goal or come very close to it... I am also fearful that I will sabotage my own efforts. There is a lot of stress.
I need to focus and relax. Enjoy the journey... just take it day by day, as I have so often.. with great results..

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