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Load day 1 of r2

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Ugh, I seriously just didn't have an appetite today but, alas, I forced myself to eat. Load day 1 over, I think I did OK in the end:

weight: 210.5, WHICH IS 4.1 BELOW LDW!!!!!!!!!! SWEET!!! PLAY ROOM!!
coffee w/ half and half, some hummus and pita w/ artichokes and roasted red peppers
a good half a block of swiss cheese on way to service
cold cuts, cheese cubes, a piece of broccoli, onion dip and veggie dip and a piece of pineapple for lunch at service
more hummus, add feta cheese
Blackened tilapia and shrimp w/ parm cream sauce, mashed cauliflower (very buttery and cheesy) and white cheddar mashed potatoes @ Ruby Tuesday's, and one of their mini cheesy biscuits (salty goodness, but the flour was sort of... floury... and obvious... It was weird. Now I'm congested. I think I really am sensitive to wheat.)
A lovely Pinot Noir

Yea, I'm sufficiently loaded. I'll be damned if I don't eat a jar of macadamia nuts tomorrow. I'd sort of like to snack on them now, as stuffed as I am. but none here in the house. I'd really vomit then!

Now, my fat *** is parked on the couch for the night, cuddling w/ doggie and watching DH play Call of Duty, facebook, and forum!!

tons of water. I want to swim away... I'm so flipping full. Gotta remember to shoot up before bed tonight!!

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