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At this point, Loading is overrated.

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Oh, Geez, Oh, heck I am going to vomit from my load day. I couldn't even get thru dinner. I'm so sick. Which sucks as I bought a bottle of red that I could only have a glass of. So much for celebratory toasting to P2. I don't know if I can keep any of this down. Here goes:

Breakfast: Tub of cottage cheese w/ blue berries, green tea, sm. cup coffee, w/ powdered creamer @ church
Lunch: bacon cheese burger w/ half the bun, fries w/ ranch, onion straws, and a big beer.
Snack: 8 oz mixed nuts
Dinner: Chicken A la Karlipooh (pesto alfredo, no noodles) w/ mushrooms and a glass of merlot. I couldn't even eat 2 strips, I am in physical pain and it's all sitting at the bottom of my throat. I am in misery. This is how I felt last time I loaded on the 2nd day, even though I had just come from buffet week in Laughlin. I am just not used to this kind of eating and I hate it.

While cutting up and portioning my P2 foods to put in small plastic bags is oppressive, it was strangely "comforting" and felt "right." I looked at it all and felt "Yes, this is right. This is healthy. Not these huge protions I've eaten past few days." Like, it was a homey feeling, even though I hate doing it. I have 6 portions of sirloin, 3 tilapia filets, and 14 portions of chicken, all bagged and ready. I will be getting more fish this week as I want to alternate fish and chicken for now, and do beef once or twice a week. Oh heck I'm so sick. I went for a walk, no help. I can't sit here for long, it is too much pressure on my gut, and I know I haven't had enough water to offset my alcohol for the day.

I'm starting to break out in a sweat right now. I am so relieved to eat clean tomorrow. I'm just over this feeling. UGH ... I shouldn't be hungry for 2 weeks. Oh, wait. I won't be.

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  1. Alexgem7777's Avatar
    Good luck on P2 Karli. Sorry your loading day was a bad experience. Not wanting the wine seems almost criminal. lol