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Oy Vey.

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I think something is wrong with my scale. Weight past 3 mornings before the Johnny, after the Johnny, with and without jammies is exact same: 212.8 I don't get it.

Last night I nudged the moose and tried popcorn, one serving... and I really wanted to see movement in the scale! Even a sweat sock so I could say "Well, I haven't hit the J yet, we'll see afterwards."

I feel like my scale is laughing at me. Think British accent, this is what I hear: "You silly girl" it says, "Don't you know I don't play these games? If you wanted an inconsistent scale, you should have bought a Taylor. You weighed once, that is your weight. Don't give yourself another disorder trying to challenge me by subtracting for your poop or ounces of coffee you drank. You weigh 212.8 and that is that."

Which is totally fine, it just doesn't make sense. I had two, maybe three days TOTAL since I bought this scale in January of 2 different numbers on the scale. One day by .1, .1 and another day by .4, but I have to weigh something inbetween weighings. My DH weighs daily, so I thought he would be the "resetter" so I can stop weiging my basket of sponges and shampoos and soaps and things.

How the heck is everyone today??

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  1. Maxine's Avatar
    lol.... you crack me up! but I feel your pain. Many on here have commented on their blasted scales not being able to make up their mind. Yours? it's determined.
    It is what it is so take it and get the day going. My old scale was like that so I replaced it. Most days it bounces around until I stand there long enough to get the flashing number. Like I said , it is what it is.

    Silly girl! ha ha love it! good luck.