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  1. Injection HCG Discount (30.00) if you use EscrowRefills.com

    I have bought HCG from this pharmacy in India and product was effective and pharmacy was ethical and professional. It does take up to three weeks to receive product and I did have to use western union to pay but again everything went through no prob. If you need to buy and willing to try use:
    customer ID: CID302049
    to receive 30.00 off your first order. I was able to buy several vials, i like using 2,000 vs 5,000 (you just mix less bacteriostatic water) ...
  2. Weight Loss Areas After 20 lbs Loss on HCG Diet

    Quote Originally Posted by Kat29 View Post
    Hi All! I just finished my first 40 days on HCG and lost 20 pounds. I'm very excited about how I look. But...I've noticed most of the fat was lost from my face, arms, chest, legs and some from my middle. But not as much as you would think came off from my stomach and hips. Why would that happen? I will do another round in 42 days because I still need to lose 15 more pounds to meet my realistic goal. Would you happen to know why my hips and stomach still have quite a bit of fat? ie. muffin