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Can I start over

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Has anyone started over after first week? my head was not in it last week. gave into cravings. Not sure of exact loss/gain. I have not weighed myself yet today. I am using the patch. Would it be a problem to load today and start over with vlcd tomorrow??


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  1. AimMee's Avatar
    You don't want to load again so soon and "start over", especially if you never discontinued use of the HCG. Get back on the wagon, continue using it, and go back to VLCD days for the rest of your round. Your losses will have suffered from last week, but getting back on track with the protocol is the best thing you can do at this point. Good luck!
  2. Annie226's Avatar
    I agree with Aimee, it is better just to "get back" to the clean eating of P2. If you want to make it a short round and go through all of the phases, then start over. The only other option would be to take a couple of weeks off to get the HcG out of your system, then start the round again.