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Vacation question

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Good morning,

I am starting phase 3 in a couple of days and going on vacation in 12days. How on earth am I going to do this. Any suggestions to staying on course??


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  1. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    I honestly don't think that phase 3 is all that tough. It's basically what you've been eating on phase 2 -- meat/protein and veggies and fruit. Except that you can eat more of it, and I believe you can mix the veggies up. You can also have a little oil, salad dressing, cheese. You are supposed to weight yourself to see you don't go over your lowest weight by two pounds.

    Just weigh yourself every morning, and no sugar or starches. I think you'll do great -- there are a lot of great veggies out there. I wish I were on phase 3!
  2. mejawh's Avatar
    I went on vacation when I was in P2 and I found going to a steakhouse is the easiest way to stay on course. You being in P3 can have the marinades and such on the chicken and beef and a good chicken caesar salad w/o crutons is always yummy! It kept me on course but still always tasted better than anything i can cook! I also found I didn't stall if I drank vodka, diet tonic and mio water or just vodka and water when I went on vacay.