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Happy New Year and Update

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Happy New Year To All, Update

After all the dooms-day rumors we have heard over the past year, we actually made it to 2013. Happy New Year to you!! I hope each and every one of you are successful in your endeavors.

I am up today. It is strange really. My husband took me out to one of our favorite restaurants for New Year’s Eve. I ate what I wanted, pie and all. New Year’s Day, nothing. My weight was steady. I ended up fasting until dinner and then eating phase 3 foods…chicken, pulled pork BBQ (no sauce), oven roasted fish, salad, cabbage… Today, I am up. I am still within my 2-pound window, but I am 169.0. I have been enjoying being 166 or 167. (My LIW was 167.8.) Sooooo, today I am eating clean but not doing a correction day. I was standing in the bathroom on the scale this morning grumbling about my gain. My husband said, “It’s leftover’s from New Year’s Eve, or it’s because you got up 2 hours earlier.” He is pretty wise. I’ll go with what he said.

I have been thinking back on 2012. The changes that 2012 brought have been very overwhelming for me. January 4th, 2013 is the one-year anniversary since I started my weight loss. I remember that day CLEARLY. I had been researching the HCG diet since late November 2011. I went to the doctor January 4th with the intent of starting HCG and beginning the change my life. That’s when the doc told me about the $700 that it would cost me out of pocket. (I was terribly upset because I specifically asked that question during my research and was told my insurance would cover it…) So, I left her office angry, hurt, mad… and I jumped on my bicycle and rode. It was very cleansing. I decided that I COULD loose weight without HCG. With exercise (bicycling up to 20 miles 5 times per week) and calorie restriction how could I not loose weight?

See, I had been right here before. I know how to loose weight. I have lost 80ish pounds when I turned 30. The problem was when I stopped all the exercising and food deprivation, I gained it all back plus more. That was not a fix at all, but a tease if anything!!

Anywho, I digress. From January 4th 2012 until February 16th 2012 I lost 35 pounds. I had yet another appointment on February 16th and that was Loading Day 1.

Going through the HCG Protocol has taught me several things I would not have learned anywhere else. I have learned HOW to eat. I eat more whole foods than I ever have in my life. I eat less processed foods. I drink NO sodas, diet or otherwise. I have learned that diet sodas are terrible for you…that aspartame causes insulin spikes like sugar and that is not good. I have learned that when I eat any sugar, I CRAVE sugar like no other. I have also learned that with stevia and xylitol, my sweet tooth is satisfied. I have learned that I CAN have an obscenely large dessert every now and then and still maintain my losses. I have learned that I feel better when I do not eat grains…or sugar for that matter. Whole meats, fruits, vegetables, and good fats completely satisfy me. And I feel great. I have also learned WHEN I eat (and drink) matters. If I eat right before bed, I will probably be up in the morning and I will not sleep well. I usually only eat twice per day. I eat my 50-gram of protein breakfast and then I eat dinner. If I happen to eat lunch, I skip dinner. I feel great doing this. And I get hungry at meal times. I eat when I am hungry and do not eat when I am not hungry. (I ate more often during the Christmas holiday with no real ill affects.)

The HCG Protocol has been a miracle for me. A Miracle. My life is completely different. I will not go back.

Happy New Years, and thank you for reading.

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